Amethyst Therapy

Linda Creamer PG Dip, DCH, MBACP/COSRT member
07794 647 442

Corporate Therapy

With increasing pressure to cut costs, make redundancies and improve performance, companies need to do something different to support and help their staff through turbulent times. In modern Britain, companies have to look for innovative methods to inspire and motivate their staff.

Amethyst Therapy can help your company:

Save money
Improve performance and productivity
Increase employee satisfaction and well-being
Retain staff
Reduce sickness absence
Enhance positive company image with current and future employees

Counselling & Hypnotherapy can help employees to:

Reduce stress levels and increase coping mechanisms
Stop smoking
Improve confidence, productivity and motivation

Amethyst Therapy offers a unique service that is set at the forefront of creating positive change for employers and their staff. Providing employees with emotional and psychological support during the current economic climate, you are both investing in developing your personnel but you are showing them that you do care.

On or Off Site
Performance Enhancement
Stress Management
Public Talks
Smoking Cessation
Communication improvement

Employers !!!

Employers have a legal obligation to staff that have been signed off with work related stress. If that same member of staff is signed off with work related stress again, you can be held accountable unless you have demonstrated that you have done all you can to support them.

Amethyst Therapy can be used to support your staff. Call Linda on 0779 4647442 to ask any further questions or to book an appointment. You can also contact us via e-mail and request a call back using the contact page.

*Disclaimer: The results of these services and therapies may vary from person to person.