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Linda Creamer PG Dip, DCH, MBACP/COSRT member
07794 647 442

Relationship and Sexual Problems

You can improve your relationship and resolve your sexual problems with Linda's help and support so call today.

Linda specialises in working with clients to overcome their relationship and sexual problems and has over 11 years’ experience. Both relationship and sexual problems that we are experiencing now may have their roots in our past relationships and other experiences we have had.

By dealing with and resolving our past relationships and sexual problems we are able to overcome negative thoughts, feelings, patterns of behaviour and performance anxiety.

Male Sexual Problems

Whether you lack confidence, experience or have had a bad experience it may cause anxiety, negative thoughts, loss of sexual drive, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Most men experience some sexual dysfunction at a point in their lives.

Do you need to last longer? Is premature ejaculation causing you a problem?
Do you have difficulty maintaining an erection? Is stress affecting your performance?
Have you lost interest in sex?
Do you have a problem reaching an orgasm?
Are you feeling insecure or lacking in confidence?
Are you concerned about excessive masturbation?
Are you addicted to sex or pornography?

Female Sexual Problems

If you struggle with a low sex drive, pain, discomfort or emotional issues about or during sex, or have an inability to orgasm, Linda can help you resolve it.

Have you lost your sex drive?
Do you suffer pain during intercourse?
Are you unable to have penetrative sex because of muscle spasms?
Are you nervous of sexual encounters?
Are you feeling insecure or lacking in confidence?
Are you unable to have an orgasm or only sometimes?
Do you masturbate too much?


Sexual problems can be the result of many complex factors, medical and/or psychological. Linda will help you to resolve your problem if there is a psychological aspect, and with the assistance of your GP can help you to manage any medical problems.

Linda is able to use and combine Hypnotherapy techniques as well as offering a Psychosexual Therapy programme, please see my Psychosexual Therapy page for details of the programme and also further information regarding your sexual problem.

Call Linda on 0779 4647442 to ask any further questions or to book an appointment. You can also contact us via e-mail and request a call back using the contact page.

*Disclaimer: The results of these services and therapies may vary from person to person.