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In short, Vaginismus is caused when the vaginal muscles uncontrollably contract and tighten. This spasm is caused in anticipation of pain.

If you have trouble inserting a tampon, can’t complete a pelvic exam, or have pain during sexual intercourse – or the attempt of intercourse - you might have what’s known as Vaginismus.

This disorder is quite complex, because it’s both physical and psychological. Vaginismus can occur in two forms: primary or secondary. Primary Vaginismus occurs when a woman hasn’t had any type of penetration before. The secondary form occurs when a woman who has previously had penetration develops Vaginismus.

Treatment of Vaginismus

The good news is that Vaginismus is treatable and there’s a high success rate with treatment.

If you think that you might have Vaginismus, contact Linda, who has a vast amount of experience in helping women overcome this problem.

After obtaining information regarding the history of your problem, Linda will consider the cause and offer an appropriate treatment plan. The treatment plan may include;

homework tasks
talk therapy communicating openly about sex
hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques
consulting with your GP if a physical problem also exists
consideration of other resources eg. Use of vaginal dilators

Common causes of Vaginismus

Although the cause of Vaginismus could be different for everyone, there are a few common causes:

Past sexual trauma or abuse
Psychological factors – for example, coming from a very conservative family where sex was seen as “bad” or “dirty”
Recurring yeast infections
A traumatic childbirth

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*Disclaimer: The results of these services and therapies may vary from person to person.